Outdoor Gear You Cant Live Without

Let’s be real, a trip to the campsite is life in a community, a comfortable trip but also a way to enjoy the quiet of the beautiful days under the friendliness of friends often found every year!

Before going camping, make sure you have chosen and booked your site in the campground obviously. Because the trip to the campsite can take a while, you often need to prepare fully. On a day-to-day basis, before the holidays, have your mail collected or tracked, put your valuables in a safe place and have prescriptions medicated if necessary. Of course do not leave without your papers: passport, visa, CI, insurance, license, vital card.

outdoorsFor the road, a guide and a roadmap will be useful for you to envisage your future excursions in all serenity. Also to be provided are bin bags for wild picnics, money for the toll, a list of expenses, a snack for the moments of small hollows because buying everything on the highway areas will be more expensive.

For everyday life, especially kitchen items, do not forget these little things that make all the difference when you’re away from home: pair of scissors, lighters / matches, kitchen knife, plates and cutlery aluminum or plastic), can opener, bottle opener, coffee filter, kettle, stove and dish, stove, garbage bags.

Maintenance products. To avoid having to do the shopping from the first day, think of adding to your luggage, some cleaning products (dishwasher, laundry, sponge, clothes peg, a small broomstick, and brush.

For camping equipment: tent, poles, stakes and sardines, (be careful and reserve), floor mats, rope, string, hammer, a spray to waterproof the tent. For the layout, opt for more convenient folding objects to carry, table and folding chairs, and even some tactical supplies.

For parties with friends or family, do not forget the board games, card games. And if you decide to bring your bike/mountain bike, then check that you have taken with your inner tube, pump, helmet, anti-theft lock, patch, lubricant and keys in case of a small incident…

If you are traveling with a baby, children’s articles will be rigorous: diapers, baby bottles, milk for children, sunscreen, pots, wipes and essential toys and toys to calm his little sorrows!

That’s basically. Of course free to you to modify the list so that it is more suited to your needs and your travel conditions.