How To Feed Your Bulldogs?

How much do bulldogs eat per day? The answers to this question depend on many factors such as the age of the dog, his level of physical activity, diseases or clinical conditions that may present, food for dogs that you give, etc.

An important point to consider is that we must feed our dog always at the same time as this helps him to have a better metabolism.

Before wanting to know how much we should feed your fat friend, it is important to know that the number of times a day you feed him affects his metabolism, activity level and behavior.

It is not the same to feed your dog in 4 daily portions to give it all at once.

For example: If your bulldogs eat 400 grams of croquette per day, do not give them in a single meal, distribute those 400 grams in 100-gram portions and give them during the course of the day.

The main advantage of giving food in 4 portions a day is that our pet absorbs and takes better advantage of the nutrients and increases its activity, that is, you will have a much more playful pet. It is proven even in humans that the daily intake of food divided into 4 or 5 times a day helps to lose weight and have a better performance during the day.

Although for dogs used for work or agility tests it is recommended to give twice or once to have a better performance, this is not the case of our bulldog since most of their time is asleep or they go out for walks.

Now we will talk about the amount that should be given to our pet, first we have to know that the bulldog female has an adult weight of 23 kilos and male 25 kilos according to the racial standard. With this, we can easily identify if your pet is overweight.

The answer to the amount of food we must give per day to our pet is clearly explained in the bag of their food. So you should leave laziness aside and it will only take you a few minutes to read the table of daily rations for your pet.

If you give treats to your dog, reduce the amount of daily food that you offer later.

Although they can eat meat, rice-based foods and even fresh fruits without further complications, it is recommended that we do not give them our food as much as possible since it could cause diseases such as dermatitis.

In order for the dog to grow and develop correctly, feeding is very important.

As for water, the Bulldog drinks plenty of it.

Therefore, the best person to tell you how much and how often you should feed your dog is your veterinarian.